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Lumio: A light before reading

Now and then I spot some gadgets that are really worth a look at. And with this gadget, the looks are bright enough to read at. Take a look at “Lumio”, a modern lamp with infinite possibilities. Lumio unfolds from a [...]

februari 20, 2013 Accessories, Design

Can you handle the speed?

Speed is what counts at Nike sports department. The all new Nike Mercurial is not only for fast (and firm) running, it looks also very, very flashy and bright! You can pre-order it at Nike. [...]

januari 25, 2013 Accessories, shoes

Tie me up…

I spotted a very stylish fashion gadget over at “Tie Mags“. Ever wear suit and tie? Tired of those back end ties that slip in front? Use the Tie Mag and it won’t happen again.   [...]

januari 14, 2013 Accessories, Design, Fashion

Fieldwork: slip into your denim!

The guys over at MAKR understand it perfectly. Why laying down in your avarage sleeping bag when you can get rough! MAKR comes with a denim Scout Field Bed. When you’re hot, sleep on top of the denim field bed, [...]

januari 13, 2013 Accessories, Design, Fashion

Repair some buttons at an instant

Now  I think you all are familiar with the problemen that when a button comes off your shirt, you will most likely put the button and shirt aside and wear something else. Or, as some men will do, wear the shirt [...]

januari 13, 2013 Accessories, Fashion

A real spinner: Bottle Grenade

Talking about spinning the bottle… Here’s something new: the Bottle Grenade. Twist it – Screw it – Pop it – Wrench it – Crack it – Wear it… Stick it? -Patent Pending. With the Bottle Grenade you have a solution for [...]

januari 4, 2013 Accessories, Design

In your sleeve!

I spotted this very nicely stitched by hand iPhone 5 sleeve. Crafted from Horween Chromexcel leather, so it’s everlasting. This suit is manufactured by Bison, one of the best. [...]

december 18, 2012 Accessories